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A Mother’s Cry

Up until now I have been quiet about the recent injustice that African Americans have faced as it relates to police brutality and the fatal killings of young African American men and women. It is not that I haven’t cared or was unbothered, but it was more so I wanted my anger to subside soContinue reading “A Mother’s Cry”

How Can You Love Me

Tasha Cobbs-Leonard is a very anointed and famous gospel singer, in 2020 she released a gospel album entitled “Royalty”. I listened to the album a few days ago and although I had listened to the album multiple times, one of the songs entitled, “in Spite of Me” really caused me to reflect on the loveContinue reading “How Can You Love Me”

Jackson Gate

If you needed $100 and I told you I could give it to you, but the bills have been thrown in the mud, crumbled, and stepped on so they are ugly and unclean, would you turn down the money? Of if you needed a cup of water but the cup, I give you doesn’t haveContinue reading “Jackson Gate”

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