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You ARE Worth Fighting For!

When we are facing life’s adversities, the only thing we can see is the problem that we are facing. We become so consumed in the pain and the fear, that we forget about everything else. We forget about the good days, we forget about friends and family, we forget about those who love us andContinue reading “You ARE Worth Fighting For!”


Please enjoy this excerpt from my self-published book “Why am I Single?” I remember growing up as a little girl and having friendships that meant something. The number-one thing was not to make my friend upset or do anything to betray their trust. If I had a secret, they didn’t have another group of friendsContinue reading “FRIENDS”

A Mother’s Cry

Up until now I have been quiet about the recent injustice that African Americans have faced as it relates to police brutality and the fatal killings of young African American men and women. It is not that I haven’t cared or was unbothered, but it was more so I wanted my anger to subside soContinue reading “A Mother’s Cry”

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